Day: May 6, 2023

How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health?How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health?

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It is a well-known fact Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. It is a well-known fact that regular physical activity can improve your physical health, but did you know that exercise can also

Winter RhodoWinter Rhodo

Winter in the mountains is the time of flowers on bushes in gardens. You don’t expect to see flowers on trees. Walking through Lloyd botanical garden, I was surprised by a small tree with purple flowers. I took several photos before I realized I was

African tulipsAfrican tulips

Spothadea campanulata! What a mouthful. The alternative to that is the long name African tulip tree, or the more mellifluous rudra palash. I can see two of them from my balcony, each tree about 12 meters high, as close as I can estimate. They have

Saturday SnapshotSaturday Snapshot

There are three rules I try to follow when photographing children. Make them understand that they have your complete attention. Choose a well-lit area large enough for them to move about and do anything they want. And be prepared to take as many photos of

November 2022 Poetry Challenge HaikuNovember 2022 Poetry Challenge Haiku

Thank you, writers for joining the poetry challenge this month! We received a bumper crop of haiku, all of them wonderfully written. Poets from the United States, Scotland, England, Pakistan, India, Canada, and Nigeria participated this month. Welcome all. As always, the poems are in

Watching For The StormWatching For The Storm

Watching for the stormColorful clouds are stingyOnce again no rain Watching For The Storm

Backlit BattleBacklit Battle

Backlit battle ragedA Tanager got a waspWould have never thought Backlit Battle