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Enjoying the light

Without the light and heat of the sun, we wouldn’t be here on this planet.
Plants convert light, air and water to food, animals eat plants and each other, and so on.
One way or another, we are all attuned to light, gathering information about our world.
What I hadn’t considered was the reduced light.
I would get grumpy when it had been grey for long periods of time.
Not the depression that affects many with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but certainly cranky and irritable.
I’ve wondered how it would be to live in polar region through a winter, where there was no sunlight for some months.
Yesterday was cold and grey, with rain and snow though the day.
I noticed that my ambition was less, certainly anything done outside took a little more consideration, preparing for the conditions.
Today, it’s still cold, there’s a bit of snow left on the ground this morning, but the sky is blue and the sun out.
This far into spring, the sun is quite high in the sky and there’s a curious brightness in a spring snowy morning compared with a December or January winter’s morning.
I do enjoy the light.

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