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Let’s explore the psychology of our beloved colours and what they say about our personality….


The impressive strokes of colours portray an astonishingly perfect balance in the landscape of Earth. Undoubtedly, the magnificence of this majestic universe is due to the hues of different colours. We are very blessed because our eyes can appreciate the mesmerising beauty and colours around us. It may sound weird, but the fact of the matter is that every colour possesses a meaningful, deep and striking personality. Yes, like us, colours also communicate, expose, personify and express a lot.

Have you ever noticed why we experience a soothing sensation when surrounded by particular hues, whereas a few tend to aggravate frustration and negative feelings? This is because some colours hold the element of excitement, some express joy, some represent a cold persona, and some evoke warm feelings. Thus, it is natural that when we feel calm, we tend to choose colours that evoke satisfaction and serenity. By utilising colours appropriately in our daily lives, we can achieve contentment, peace and balance to a certain extent.

An interesting fact is that colours possess the ability to demonstrate healing powers because of their tendency to make direct impressions on our minds and nerves. Research has shown that the human brain reacts differently when exposed to colours of various wavelengths. Some colours positively influence our nerves, while others irritate. Some can brighten our hearts and moods, while others can slow down the nervous system. Bright, sharp and warm shades carry different characteristics and personality compared to dull, cold and cool colours. Therefore, colour experts perceive hues as signs of energy and are convinced that the colours we cherish reveal a lot about our mental, physical and emotional personality.

We love some colours and dislike others for no apparent reason. Generally, the selection of colour is determined by the nature of the item, yet we all have one or more preferred shades as our all-time favourite colour/s. The choice of colour can explain human personality layer by layer, as each hue expresses different traits and has its own connotations. If a person adores a particular hue, some of its properties will definitely be reflected in their mood, habits and behaviour.

Let’s explore the psychology of our beloved colours and what they say about our personality.


At the top of the list is the colour of peace, perfection, sanity, spirituality and purity. The universal colour of peace possesses the divine power to reflect other hues evenly. It denotes completion, goodness, sophistication, purity and innocence as a whole. White individuals are supposed to be reasonable, courageous, independent, fair, organised and self-reliant. Resourceful, gentle and strategic, the people who love the colour white enjoy a balanced and purposeful life.

This alluring, astounding, dazzling and cheerfully exciting colour signifies luxury, wealth and status. Gold lovers are champions – bright, successful, self-assured, charismatic and kind-hearted by nature. Vivid, empathetic and egocentric, gold individuals don’t rely on others. With their knowledge and astuteness, they let others shine in their presence.

The most intense, vivacious, noticeable and powerfully sharp colour among the colours is the sign of strength, energy, passion, warmth, courage and impulsiveness. Red, the symbolic colour of life, arouses emotions. Red people are action-oriented, determined, emotionally intense, passionate, demanding, aggressive, outgoing and aspiring. Reds always want to live on their terms and follow their sentiments to the fullest.


A cool colour, also sometimes confused with purple, violet signifies spirituality, prosperity, authenticity, vision and contentment. Violet lovers are reputable, witty, philanthropic, dignified, unconventional and profound. They have an immense desire to look unique and exclusive in all situations. Violets value emotional security and mental stability the most.

The colour of the bright sun is one of the strongest and the most exciting member of the colours family. It demonstrates the potential to enhance mental capabilities. Yellow denotes emotional security, power, optimism, joyfulness, vivacity and creativity. Precise and intelligent, yellows are expressive, inspiring, far-sighted, zealous and consistent. Yellow possesses a natural ability to express its individuality in an impressively positive manner.

The favourite colour of most girls is truly cool and soft in nature. Pink is the colour of affection, innocence, politeness, sensitivity and kind feelings. Pink depicts romance and femininity. Charming, delicate, loving and soft-hearted, pinks are easy-going by nature. All they need in life is acceptance, warmth, unconditional affection, shelter and protection.


The dark, bold, prestigious and mysterious colour is associated with death and fear. It has the ability to attract and absorb all other colours. It is considered a symbol of grief, depth, death and evilness. Black symbolises excellence, formality, elegance, as well as mystery. Deep, enigmatic and headstrong, blacks don’t open up easily. They are worthy, impressive, authoritative, artistic and assertive by nature.

The favourite colour of most people in the world is actually the colour of the sky and clear waters. Blue represents intellect, efficiency, communication, coolness, trust and serenity. Composed, insightful, honest, stable and enthusiastic, blues are realistic by nature. Mentally strong blues are family-oriented and know how to value their family, friends and traditions. Blues possess a strong desire to be appreciated for their strong character, faithfulness and wisdom. Blue deals with peace of mind and emotional balance, so the presence of blue in the surroundings can significantly help mentally disturbed people.

The warm and vibrant colour of true pleasure, entertainment, boldness and energy, orange represents youthfulness, strength, fearlessness, luxury, physical comfort, curiosity and excitement. Some may view orange lovers as immature and careless but, overall, they are virtuous and classy. They are gregarious and fun-loving. Those who feel weak or lack energy should include orange or red in their lives.

The actual colour of natural earth denotes reliability, solemnity, poise and support. Brown people are reliable, sympathetic and naturally enduring. Browns usually lack a sense of humour and are likely to be inflexible and tough.

The dull shade of emotional fairness has no direct psychological properties in its pure form. Dignified, cooperative, practical, conservative and calm, greys are compromising by nature. Grey lovers are perceived as modest, cooperative, reliable and hardworking.

The calm and soothing colour of heavenly moonlight indicates vision, precision, sensitivity, harmony and spirituality. Very intuitive, refined, confident, artistic and imaginative, silvers are also unpredictable by nature. Some of them are moody and prefer to live in their own fantasy world, far away from reality.

The truly cool colour shows how perfect nature is, and is very refreshing and lovely. It depicts harmony, fertility, fresh starts, freshness and balance. Green symbolises growth, health, environment, hope, love, prosperity, energy and sustenance. Truthful, gentle, sincere, cool-minded, elegant and reputable, greens always strive to live a secure, safe and balanced life. They make reliable, sincere and valuable friends. The colour green possesses the natural ability to relieve pressure on nerves and refresh the mind in no time.

In a nutshell, colours have the ability to express our emotions and feelings. Hues can delineate the subtle distinction between joy and sorrow, warmth and coldness, brightness and dullness, and much more. While there is no definitive guarantee or rule that colours encompass all aspects of a person’s behaviour, we can still find ourselves resonating with the description of our favorite colour to some extent. Undoubtedly, colours have a significant impact on our lives, as each colour possesses a distinctive personality that allows it to express itself and stand out from others.
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