Let’s talk about the universe.

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who randomly gifted me a book about New York. She handed it to me one day in class and said that I just needed to have it. It was full of quotes and photographs and little odes to the city and I loved it entirely. I was around sixteen, meaning that my love for that city was just beginning to be born. I don’t know how she knew, but she did.

The following year, something similar happened. I remember walking into fifth period one day when a girl I barely knew handed me a travel guide book on Brooklyn, (this one). She had bought it for me. I was quite shocked, naturally, and asked her why. She told me that she saw it and just needed me to have it. I didn’t think she even knew me, let alone my dreams. I suppose we exude more of ourselves without speaking than we realize. It remains one the strangest things that has happened to me. I took that book with me the first time I went to Brooklyn alone. I thought of her while on the train.

And now, it has happened again.

I was sitting on the couch watching In With the Old last night when my dad handed me a book with a bow around it from his client, a lovely woman who has known me my entire life. I unwrapped it and read Humans of New York across the cover. She reads my blog and said that I needed to have it.


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