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The beauty of life

Beauty that is sprinkled in, like powdered sugar on your favourite dessert… There I go talking about food again. By you having the opportunity to read that nonsense of a sentence, you’re blessed. Sometimes we focus so much on the negative things that exist around us that we forget to appreciate why having life is beautiful. Yes, good food is an example, but let’s not focus on that right now. That can be for another post.

I’ve always looked at the artistic nature that exists around us. There is a reason why many will claim that there must be a master architect for why our world looks the way it does. Have you had the opportunity to see the leaves change colour in Fall? What about the first snowfall of the year? Where were you when the sun began to peak out to give way to the beginning of Spring? Just imagine those images, and let them propel you further in the warmth of those memories.

Those moments are fortunately able to be expressed in many ways, so that we’ll always have opportunities to remember how beautiful life can be. Think about your first summer vacation, your first pet, your first sense of freedom – we all have these memories that we hold dear, and we can share in it as we grow older. What a blessing that is. What about the funny moments that still tickle you until you laugh uncontrollably?

I can remember funny moments that only I experienced, and no one was around to see it. There was this moment I was still getting familiar with riding my bike without the training wheels on it. I had just left my childhood home, only to make a right from my driveway, and I got lost in the moment of the sunny, summer day. I was immersed in that experienced. It was short lived when I crashed right into the back bumper of my neighbour’s parked car, though.

My first thought was to get up quickly and look around to see who saw what I had just done. To my surprise, no one in the cul-de-sac that I lived on, was outside. The embarrassment stayed within my head for awhile, until I rode to the park and forgot about the incident while playing on the monkey bars. I still laugh about it to this day. I love that memory because it wasn’t about anyone else, or anything else, other than me and my innocent accident as a child.

Life has all of these beautiful moments that we experience, and as we experience them we build up a catalog that would put Blockbuster out of business. Netflix definitely beat me to it, but I’m not salty. That fact that I grew up and I remember going to Blockbuster for movies and video games as a child… We’re so blessed to have these thoughts. Hold on to those beautiful memories. Build more of them! This world can be so dark and destructive, but we’re blessed to have the secret weapon that conquers that…

Peace and Love,

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